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How to use directory@UCSF

Welcome to the UCSF web directory!

You can use this site to find contact information for people and departments affiliated with UCSF. To search for people use the “Search for people” tab. For departmental information, click on the “Search for departments” tab. Once on the desired search tab, enter your search term into the input field above the blue button and then click the button. All searching, whether for people or departmental information, is case-insensitive.

Searching For People

When searching for people your search term applies to people information and department names. This flexibility enables you to use a partial or whole department name to find all the members of a given department. Note that searching for a department name within the “Search for people” tab does not provide department information, only people information as related to the department(s) found. In general, the longer your search term is, the narrower your results will be.

When your search returns multiple results you will receive a list of abbreviated records. Click on a person’s name to see their individual record. Click on a person’s department name to find all people within that department. Clicking on a person’s email address will cause your browser to launch your computer's default email program to compose a message to the given email address. When your search returns a single result, the result list will be bypassed and you will receive a single individual's record. The links mentioned above behave the same when viewing an individual record.

To search for a person by name you may use all or part of his or her name. For example, to find a person named John Smith, you might use one of these searches:

  • john smith
  • j smith
  • john s
  • smith, john

Note that searching for Joe will not currently find people named Joseph because "joseph" does not begin with "joe." It will, however, find people named Joel or Joey.

Be specific. There are many people named Jen at UCSF, so to find the one you're looking for, you might try including a last initial or a department name. For some very general searches, especially for large departments, this directory may not even display all of the results. In that case, you will see a message explaining the situation and asking you to try a more specific search.

How To Update Your Entry

On the far right of the tab bar (where you choose the people or department search tabs) there is an “Edit My Record” button. Clicking on this will allow you to log in, via MyAccess, to the the self-service section of the directory website. After logging in you will be presented with the edit page for your own directory entry. From there you will be able to edit your entire directory entry except for your last name, title, department and email address.

Those with a campus address may choose from a large selection of preformed campus addresses. Private practice address information must be initially entered by Human Resources, your departments’s Payroll/Personell Analyst or Business Officer.

Searching For Departments

Your search term(s) will match departments by department name. While searching by department within the people search tab returns information regarding people related to the given department, searching by department within the department search tab yields departmental information. The results will contain physical addresses, website address, phone numbers, fax numbers and other department location and contact information.

To search for a department, first be sure you have selected the Search for departments tab. Then use all or part of the name of the department. For example, searching for cardio would return departments with names like Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Cardiothoracic, etc.

How To Update Department Listings

Department listing information may only be edited by directory administrators. To request changes to a department listing please open a ticket at, or contact the IT Service Desk at (415) 514-4100.

56 results from your search for "M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM"

Name Department
Angelica Chukwudebe M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Bernadette Barbante M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Blake Gurfein M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Brandon Aguilar Rodriguez M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Cassandra Thanh M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Catherine Nguyen M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Cecilia Prator M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Charline Bachus Ep. Souffan M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Cheryl Stoddart M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Christina Gonzaga M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Dennis Hartigan-O'Connor M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Devi Sengupta M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Devin Columbus M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Ekaterina Maidji M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Gabriele Beck-Engeser M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Galina Kosikova M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Irina Debnath M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Jayant Rajan M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Jeffrey Milush M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Joseph (Mike) Mccune M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Joshua Vasquez M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Justin Moore M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Kayla Baskevitch M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Lidia Gonzales M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Lila Farrington M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Lloyd Harvey M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Louise Wagensonner M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Matthew Young M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Mehmet Ozgun Ozen M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Naside Gozde Darmus M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Norman Jones M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Perri Callaway M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Pheroze Joshi M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Rachel Rutishauser M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Sadie Munter M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Shreya Kumar M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Simona Zompi M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Sofiya Galkina M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Timothy Henrich M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Valerie Girling M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Vanessa York M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Weihao Zheng M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM
Xavier Farias M_MED-ZSFG-EXPM